About myself….

I am a medical doctor with specialization in taking care of patients with diseases of lung and organ transplantation. My blog is an exploration of fundamental concepts in our understanding of nature. I strongly believe in three ideas: Physical reality is infinite, potentiality of human mind is limited and there is no such a thing as absolute truth. We are only capable of capturing a fraction of the universe using our senses and instruments for the purpose of ‘human understanding’. Our knowledge will always remain as partial truth of the universe. With refinement in our techniques and the conceptual models, our knowledge can progressively get less inaccurate over time as we explore the infinite universe. I have a deep fascination for concept of time and the flow of energy through living systems and its contribution to origin of life, evolution, health, aging and death. Science is merely an idea created by the human mind that a more accurate knowledge can be obtained only by an unbiased observation and experimentation of nature. Most human societies have viewed science as a villain even though they thoroughly indulge in the richness provided by the scientific exploration. The villainous association is a result of either bitterness caused by truth when it shatters the charms of myth or from disastrous application of knowledge by human greed. Humans have an innate desire to both understand and dominate nature. Proliferation of knowledge by any method will naturally lead to advancement in technologies for domination. It is very similar to what humans did after we had learned to control fire. Science is just a method to obtain knowledge. It can be directionless and meaningless. Philosophy should provide the epistemological framework for science so that our pursuit can be ‘meaningful’.

There is always something more to do, we are only limited by how much we know

There is always something more to know, we are only limited by how much we can imagine

5 thoughts on “About myself….

  1. hi sir my brother is one of your patient consulted in Apollo. he is comfort and confident with your consultation. we are trying to meet you back once again in Apollo but your availability is not there. kindly tell me how to reach you. i dont have any other platform to connect you that is why i am leaving this message. sorry for the inconvenience.


  2. Excellent Suresh Philosopher-Physician

    >> Dr. Paul Ramesh Thangaraj FRCS(Edin.) FRCS (Glas) FRCS(Cardiothoracic surgery), >> >> Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic and Heart and Lung Transplant Surgeon, >> Apollo Hospitals, >> Chennai. >> >> Adjunct Faculty, >> Department of Mechanical Engineering, >> IIT-Madras


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  3. Suresh, You have the gift of giving shape to your thoughts by use of apt language . Seems you could also be a great writer.

    With warm regards M.Stalin Advocate MS Associates



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