Storyteller’s Ant-hill

Photo credit - Martin Beek {} Cooperation is a trait in which the individual unit invest in behaviors that are costly to themselves but benefit the organization. Cooperation is an ubiquitous phenomenon in nature. Individual units work together and build larger structures that improve the collective wellbeing and survival. Anthill and beehive are colonies built… Continue reading Storyteller’s Ant-hill

Ramasamy’s Calculus

Foundations of mathematics are in the substance of brain Photo credit: Hernan Pinera; During my high school days as I was learning to do trigonometry, a question always bothered me. What prompted us to ‘create’ trigonometry? For that matter, even calculus and statistics, how did we end up creating these mathematical techniques? I have a… Continue reading Ramasamy’s Calculus

Wisdom and Confusion

Photo credit - Richard Ricciardi - Primary concepts and constructed reality What is a person, but a collection of choices. Where do those choices come from? Do I have a choice? Were any of these choices ever truly mine to begin with?Westworld A living organism by using its sense organs captures a portion of… Continue reading Wisdom and Confusion

Crossing Swords with Senescence

Aging is a gradual phenotypic change due to progressive drift in the epigenetic knowledge. It is an outward expression of an ongoing mortal combat between the laws of physics and biological organizations. Physical laws are unyielding in nature and gets an unswerving universal obedience. Knowledge is biology's strength. During the growth phase of life, the tiny molecular machines extract order from molecular storm(heat) and the organism grows in size. During the aging phase, the chaos eventually consumes the order.

You, Me and Stories

What unites people? Armies? Gold? Flags? Stories. There's nothing more powerful than a good story. Season 8, Game of Thrones. Mother Nature! What exactly is this ‘Nature’? She is associated with all favorable adjectives - beautiful, peaceful, spectacular, heavenly and motherly. Collectively we have decided to define nature as everything that is not a product… Continue reading You, Me and Stories