A 100 Watt Dream

Life is interposed between two energy levels of an electron

Albert Gyorgyi

Photo by Mike – https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjfrig/9560558346/

These words of Albert Gyorgyi are so profound that it can provoke intense curiosity. Flow of energy defines life and it was present in living organisms even before the rise of genetic molecules. It is the foundation upon which the origin and evolution of life unfolded.

Even though it sounds very simple, distinguishing life from lifeless things is not an easy task. We have simply put an arbitrary line based on how we choose to define life. In reality everything is a mere continuum. Even before the origin of first organism, this planet had always been ‘alive’. She was teeming with energy, motion, birth and death. Our definition of life is confounded by our thought process which tends to place human in the center of everything. We included things and processes that look like us and move like us as life. It was easy for us to include all the animals. We saw plants grow and die, and they were included. Under the microscope, our structure and bacterial cell had lot of similarities and we called them ‘little animals’. So far no trouble. Then came the virus. Clearly they are nothing more than a bunch of molecules. But it replicates, it dies and it kills. Half-heartedly we decided to place it under non-living thing by blaming its inability to live independently outside its host. Well, in that sense earth is our host and we won’t survive outside her. It is a matter of semantics. Bluntly put, there is only one fundamental criteria. It is a human-centric approach. Things are alive if it looks like us and it is not a living thing if it does not have any resemblances.

Dissipative structures

This is a video of a swimming pool on a bright Sunday morning. The water in the pool is agitated by the pool pump that is continuously pulling and pushing water into it. This creates chaos inside and on the surface of the water due to pressure differences created by the pool pump. In the midst of this chaotic motion of water and its molecules you can see organized structures forming spontaneously. These circular shadows are cast by the ‘water swirls’ that form spontaneously on the surface. One can see that these structures are stable for a brief moment then they either disintegrate into the chaos of remainder of the water or divide into smaller swirls and eventually disappear. However new swirls continue to form on the surface. The individual swirls are about the size of tennis ball and probably has trillions and trillions of water molecules cooperating in synchrony as if dictated by some ‘molecular consciousness’ to move in an accurate pattern as long as the whole structure is ‘alive’. In terms of coherence they are as fascinating as our body but only simple in terms of the structural complexity. They serve one purpose – The swirl structure is very effective in dissipating the differences in the pressure created by the pool pump. They are more effective than water molecules moving chaotically to achieve equilibrium. This is the definition of dissipative structure described by Nobel laureate, Ilya Prigogine. Disequilibrium of matter or energy produces chaos in the system. It then spontaneously gives birth to organized dissipative structures in the midst of chaos to dissipate the gradient and achieve equilibrium. The formation of structures like hurricane and tornado in the atmosphere due to differences in the pressure(energy) and heat are similar processes working to achieve equilibrium. Life is also an organized dissipative structure that evolved out of chaos. All of life can be seen as one massive dissipative structure that has been alive for four billion years, evolving in complexity yet connected to each other. Birth and death are merely exchange of materials from one form to another within the same structure.

Four billion years ago, before the first living organism was born, the earth was full of energy in different forms. The earth was soaked by light and heat from the sun. She was sitting in between the 5000 Kelvin Sun and 2.3 Kelvin space. The gravitational energy crushed the materials buried underneath and intermittently spewed molten lava on the surface. Heat and pressure in the atmosphere kept the wind energy flowing. Inorganic elements and molecules exchanged electrons and shuffled their bonding patterns thereby disseminating the chemical energy. All these energies gave rise to innumerable dissipative structures before life came to picture.

One such energy flow gave birth to the first recognizable organism on the ocean floor. Of all types of energy, life chose redox energy as its mother and started to build a carbon based structure 4 billion years ago. We all are very familiar with redox energy. It is the energy released by oxidation – reduction reactions. The redox energy is the source of energy for the candle flame, the power from the car engine and the magic in the mitochondria. They all are the same. Jumping of electrons from one energy level to another releasing heat and energy. The candle and the car engine burns the carbon skeleton in the fuel with the oxygen in an abrupt manner liberating copious amount of heat. The candle makes a flame with that heat. The car engine is structured in such a way that the heat will be transformed into motion. The cellular machinery is structured in such a way that the carbon skeleton does not interact with oxygen abruptly instead it happens in a choreographed fashion. Oxidation of glucose is carried out stepwise making the electrons jump from one level to another in the electron transport chain. This gradual drop of electron energy makes sure that all the energy is not turned into heat like it happens in a candle or car. Some of the energy is carefully captured to recharge the chemical battery called ATP. The rest of the energy is dissipated as heat and that is why our body is warm. Living structures evolved by capturing the energy released when an electron jumps from one energy level to another. The most fascinating discovery of science is that this process of gradually tunneling the electron down its energy staircase in order to capture a portion of its energy as ATP is universally present in all life forms. The molecular nano-machine that plays a cardinal role in this process called ATP synthase is present in all bacteria, plants, worms, animals and humans. Over these years, even though evolution has generated a great variety of structural complexities ranging from fungi to dinosaurs, the power house that is propelling all these phenomena has not seen much of an innovation in 4 billion years.

3D model of ATP synthase, the molecular motor that generates ATP. Each cell may carry millions of such molecules. Image credit- NIH image gallery.

The first colony of life had no sophistication to capture the sunlight. It rather depended on chemical energy from inorganic elements. Natural evolution of chlorophyll molecule gave electron transport chain the access to sunlight. The photon from the sun excites an electron in the chlorophyll. As this excited electron falls down to the base level, the energy is captured to charge the ATP battery. This gave living structures access to an unlimited amount of solar energy. We get our share of the pie when we eat the plants or animals. Our body lives by using this chemical energy at the rate of 100 Watt. Controlled burning of the glucose inside the mitochondria captures the energy of falling electrons which we then use to move, feel, see, smell, taste and dream. We will be humbled to know that all movements in our body including the blinking of the eyes and beating of the heart, our consciousness and its dreams are all powered by photons that had come from the sun, fell on a chlorophyll molecule and excited its electron.

Life is only a few angstrom away from death

A couple of years ago, one of my patient’s son asked me a question that baffled me for a moment but has remained a source of wisdom since then. It was outside of a critical care unit as I was explaining him the critical state of his father’s illness. He asked me very calmly after listening to everything “How close to death is he?” I was taken aback. Never faced with such a direct question. Is it the distance in meter or time in seconds?

When glucose is burnt inside the cell with oxygen, there is a thin line between abruptly releasing all of the energy as heat(like it happens in the car engine) or tunneling the electron step by step to charge the ATP. The molecular machines are constructed in such a way that electron can only jump from one spot on the molecule to another spot. These spots are separated by only few angstrom distance. One angstrom is 0.0000000001 meter. If by some mutation or by improper construction these molecular sites are separated a little farther away then these electrons would leak away and produce deadly radicals instead of ATP. These radicals send signals to cell to commit suicide, a phenomenon called apoptosis. Our design was perfected to such tiniest of details by natural selection. Any deviation will be penalized by death because it interrupts the foundation upon which life was built – Flow of energy.


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7 thoughts on “A 100 Watt Dream

  1. The analogy you built on this article was interesting and easy for readers to correlate. You have rightly pointed out that life is also an organized dissipative structure that evolved out of chaos. I think this dissipation itself is considered as another chaos by nature, which is giving rise to evolution. Probably our human brain may not be able to measure this continuing evolution in a right scale.

    Your article makes me to think, how well the human brain(or consciousness) has developed physical/biological/psychological tools to control the flow of energy within one’s body in the last couple of centuries. Though it may work in favour of humans in short term, it is becoming a cancer to this planet and creating more chaos. Good piece of article, Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually the amount of chemical energy flowing through our biological body has not changed or may be decreased a bit due to sedentary lifestyle over the past 100,000 years. When our knowledge regarding the nature of the things advanced we identified how energy works – From fire to nuclear. We created artifacts that use 100 times more energy than our body for the purpose of self preservation. Energy specialist like you would know the boundary between the sustainable consumption and non sustainable growth. Because of your knowledge you are able to foresee that our own survival / self preservation is threatened by waste produced by non sustainable consumption. Your intention to spread this knowledge will be challenged by the power of human self deception. Good luck


      1. As you may know, modern science says an average human would need 8700 kJ of energy per day for human survival. Well, anything over and above that is justified by humans themselves based on their ability to possess and harness more energy for their self preserving aka boasting needs.
        While we keep educating this and people may slowly change, there will be a point where human existence itself will be a bigger question at some point of time due to the waste that we produce. At that instant, humans would evolve faster for the sake of existence.


  2. Yet another amazing article explaining life Suresh.. keep writing
    When time permits write about the process ‘Natural selection ‘ used in the end para. Whether such Natural selection was pure coincidence or planned process..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Anna!
      Natural selection is the name given to the inherent tendency of nature to select structures or processes that is able to survive and replicate/grow. It is not just a coincidence or a planned process. But it is an interplay of chance and necessity. If you take the case of electron transport chain, over the years many different variations of molecular arrangements must have occurred in nature by chance or ‘coincidence’ but only the very few that was able to successfully capture the energy within the constraints set by the environment(necessity) survived. An interplay of chance and necessity.


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